Vitality creates an inspiring environment that encourages people to take an active role in their own well-being. The term vitality stands for a high level of energy, resilience and joy of life. We want to inspire and empower you to increase your physical and mental vitality, treat yourself carefully and enjoy a fulfilled life to the fullest.

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Here we introduce you to our experienced partners for the vital sector. The area is constantly being expanded and makes no claim to completeness. Rather, it is intended to encourage you to take action for your well-being and quality of life.

Yoga is a traditional Indian philosophical teaching that encompasses a variety of physical, mental and spiritual practices.
The basic idea of yoga is to harmonise body, mind and spirit in order to promote holistic well-being.
By integrating physical exercises, breath control and meditation, yoga strives to achieve a balance between these aspects. This can have a positive effect on physical health, stress reduction and therefore well-being and personal vitality
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Bamboo Yoga

Nutrition plays a key role in health and vitality.
If you are ill or want to make physical changes, personal, qualified nutritional advice can take your individual needs into account and help you develop a balanced and healthy diet.
For individual advice, it is recommended to consult qualified nutrition experts such as nutritionists or dietitians.
Ms Katja Cattien is an expert in the field of nutritional advice and nutritional therapy.
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Nutritional advice Katja Cattien

Obesity/Adipositas is a chronic disease that can have significant health impacts. It is defined as an increase in body fat beyond normal levels.

Overall, the prevention and treatment of obesity requires a comprehensive approach. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and a conscious lifestyle play a central role.

Treating obesity requires a multidisciplinary approach from specialists. Dr. Martin Kemps is medical director of the Obesity/Adipositas center at the Sana Klinikum Berlin Lichtenberg

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Adipositaszentrum Sana Lichtenberg

Running is healthy and can make a significant contribution to personal fitness, vitality and well-being.

If you want to improve your running technique, avoid possible injuries or optimize your running performance, then a running or gait analysis can be useful. In the case of complaints in the lower extremities or lower back area, such an examination can be used to specifically look for causes and identify treatment options.

Dr. Srdan Popovic is a sports scientist, biomechanist with a focus on running/gait analysis and operational head of BeMoveD – Berlin Movement Diagnostics at the Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité.

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Osteopathy is a holistic treatment approach in alternative medicine.

The body is viewed as a whole, possible interactions between different body systems are taken into account and the patient is treated according to his or her individual needs.

The body’s self-regulation should be activated and self-healing supported.

Osteopathy is a valuable addition to healthcare and can help promote vitality and well-being.

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Pilates is a form of holistic body training that was developed by Joseph Pilates at the end of the 19th century.

It is particularly known for its emphasis on core strengthening, also known as “powerhouse.”

Overall, Pilates can help increase a person’s vitality through a combination of physical strength, flexibility, relaxation and body awareness

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The term mindfulness comes from the Buddhist tradition and has gained importance in Western psychology and medicine.

Mindfulness means being aware of what is happening in each moment without being distracted or carried away by thoughts, emotions or external stimuli.

MBSR and MBCT are such forms of mindfulness training. MSC is about mindful self-compassion.

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Lothar Schwalm-Achtsamkeitstraining

Pilates has a holistic effect on the body and mind.

By focusing on breathing, the deeper back and abdominal muscles in particular are trained. A stable core promotes healthy posture and prevents back and neck problems.

When used regularly, it can improve strength, coordination and mobility and thus lead to a new body awareness. At the same time, it can also be used as a method for dealing with stress.

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Aggression as a persistent emotional state can harm health and increase stress, physical tension and blood pressure.

In the long term, this can lead to health problems. Krav Maga offers a way to use aggression constructively by teaching self-defense and transforming negative aggression into positive energy. When used regularly, it can improve physical fitness, self-confidence and self-control. Dealing with aggression in a healthy way is important. It helps improve quality of life and overall vitality by reducing stress and promoting health

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Krav Maga Department

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