In case of emergency

In the event of an acute medical emergency, we provide prompt and competent care. To facilitate this, we maintain comprehensive emergency equipment at our locations. Our team undergoes regular training in the field of emergency care.


Bei akuter Lebensgefahr

In case of acute life-threatening danger, dial the emergency number 112 immediately.

Do not hang up until instructed to do so!


The emergency medical service for statutory health insurance patients in Berlin

Call the number 116 117

For telephone information and advice on how to best handle your emergency. Whether you should visit an emergency practice or if, for example, a doctor’s home visit is necessary.

You can also find information here: 116117

Cardiovascular arrest

Cardiovascular arrest can happen to anyone! This is a life-threatening situation in which immediate and effective help is important!
Helping is easy – get involved! You can also find information here: