Private Health

If you are privately insured or wish to avail our additional services as a self-payer, or if you require professional medical expertise for your company or clients, then you are in the right place. Private Health stands for exclusive, high-quality, and holistic private healthcare. We offer our patients and customers exclusive health packages tailored to individual needs, adhering to the highest standards.

Service Overview

The general medical service overview of HI26® encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings aimed at promoting health, well-being, and quality of life:


Medical Consultation and Examinations

Comprehensive diagnostic procedures and medical consultations for chronic and acute illnesses, psychosomatic primary care.


Preventive Health Care

Vaccinations, early detection examinations, skin cancer screening, individual prevention plans, travel medical consultations. In the near future, we will be offering health coaching in our Vitality section.


Medical Technology

ECG, pulmonary function tests, ergometry, long-term ECG, arteriography, long-term blood pressure monitoring, abdominal ultrasound, cardiorespiratory polygraphy, bioimpedance analysis.


Laboratory Investigations

Laboratory investigations play a crucial role in medical diagnostics and monitoring of health conditions. For this purpose, blood is drawn, or you provide a stool or urine sample. The materials are sent to our partner laboratory for further processing. Additionally, at our Karlshorst location, we utilize point-of-care diagnostics. This allows us, for example, to immediately determine whether an infection is detectable in the blood, which can support the decision for antibiotic treatment.


Your Individual Certificate


You want to obtain your boating license, or your child would like to participate in sports competitions at the sports club. Diving fitness is required, or you couldn’t embark on a trip due to an illness and need a letter for the insurance. In such and other cases, we create the necessary documents for you. For some certificates, additional examinations may be required if necessary. We discuss this with you in advance and inform you about any associated costs.


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