Primary Care-centered Care

The primary care-centered healthcare model (HZV) aims to make the medical care of patients more efficient and enhance the quality of healthcare.

In this context, the general practitioner assumes the role of a coordinator („navigator“) for medical care. Participation in this program is voluntary for you.

We meet the requirements set forth by health insurance providers for participation and can offer you this range of services provided by your health insurance.

Why might participating in family doctor-centered care make sense for you?

  • Coordinated care : The family doctor takes on the central role in your medical care. He monitors your health, creates individual treatment plans and, if necessary, coordinates specialist appointments or diagnostic examinations for you.
  • Separate appointment reservations for HZV patients : Patients who decide to take part in the program have the opportunity to take advantage of special appointment consultations for HZV patients. This also includes early and late consultation hours.
  • Use of a specialist network : If necessary, we may refer you directly to specialists in our network. Of course, your right to free choice of doctor remains unaffected.
  • Shortened check-up interval: You can have your individual health check-up every two years instead of three
  • Long-term support : The HZV promotes the long-term relationship between you and us. This allows us to better understand the patient’s history and provide personalized care.
  • Quality improvement : The HZV model aims to increase the quality of medical care by promoting collaboration between general practitioners and specialists and improving treatment coordination
  • Avoidance of double examinations : As your medical “pilot”, we keep track of your medical history, examinations carried out and upcoming diagnostics, as the medical information comes together with us. This saves you unnecessary double examinations


Why is your participation in family doctor-centered care helpful for us:

  • Medical continuity and coordination role : Your coordinated medical care is important to us. The HZV enables us to implement this concern effectively and to guarantee your individual medical care.
  • Better use of resources and increased efficiency: the resulting planning security allows us to coordinate your medical care more efficiently, optimize work processes and make practice operations more efficient
  • Remuneration and planning security : The HZV clearly defines the remuneration that participating doctors receive from the health insurance companies for the services they provide. This gives us financial planning security for our practice.