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With TeamHI26, we want to share your challenges and goals with you. Become part of our community and let’s achieve and grow together.

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With Björn, we welcome another member to TeamHI26 – glad to have you on board!

Björn is the holder of the Six Star Finisher Medal and a member of the Berlin Marathon’s Jubilee Club.

Six Star Finishers are marathon runners who have successfully completed all six World Marathon Majors (Boston, London, New York, Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo).

In 2011, Björn quit smoking and wanted to do something for his health. This led to a passion for running, especially for the marathon. In his sport, Björn always sets clear and sometimes ambitious goals. For him, it is not primarily important whether the result is positive or negative. The crucial aspect is to face the challenge.

Dear Denise, dear Judith!

Not just dreaming, but turning your dreams into reality – that’s your motto.

You not only set out to gather new experiences and discover fascinating cultures but also found the courage to step out of your everyday comfort zone.

Your journey to Nepal and your goal of reaching the Mount Everest Basecamp reflect your desire to challenge yourselves and test the limits of your bodies.

You are on the path to a unique and enriching experience!


Dear Eric, a warm welcome to TeamHI26!

Eric Franke is a former track and field athlete and a successful bobsledder.

Among other achievements, he won the silver medal in the four-man bobsled at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea with his teammates.

As an experienced coach in speed and athletic training, Eric brings valuable knowledge and expertise to support teams in their athletic development.

He is, among other roles, active as a coach at the Adidas Sportsbase.

With his wealth of experience and personality, he is a motivating and inspiring role model for all of us who face our very own challenges.


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This is Guido; he has the ambitious goal of crossing the English Channel as an open water swimmer in 2025. In his ongoing preparations for this significant challenge, we, from TeamHI26, support him and have gladly taken on the medical care and coordination for this project.

Follow Guido on his English Channel 2025 project.

This is Christian; he successfully participated in the Ironman Klagenfurt 2023. We from TeamHI26 accompanied him and are thrilled that he is part of us. Christian prepared for this goal with impressive dedication and unwavering focus.

His determination and self-discipline brought him to this point. As he battled through the various stages of the competition, his unwavering focus allowed him to surpass his limits.

You are an inspiring role model for us…

In preparation for the English Channel crossing in 2025, Guido successfully participated in the 5 km BODENSEE OPEN WATER CROSSING in June 2023.

Over 200 participants took part in the 5 km and 10 km distances in the early morning and good weather conditions, crossing Lake Constance between Konstanz and Meersburg.

Congratulations on this fantastic result and successful completion of this project stage!

Marcel is also part of TeamHI26. On September 24, 2023, he will participate in the Berlin Marathon.

We are delighted to accompany him on his journey and are excited to have Marcel on board.

We are very excited to welcome Marcel as another new athlete to TeamHI26.

Marcel is a passionate runner who specializes in ultramarathons. In August 2023, he participated in the Berlin Wall Run – 100 Miles Berlin. ‚You have to step out of your comfort zone sometimes,‘ he says. This is a crucial aspect of achieving and realizing personal goals. Coming to the finish line after such a run, with all the highs and lows experienced along the way, is a truly special experience for him.

TeamHI26 congratulates you on a fantastic competition and result – great to have you on board!