Doctor’s Office Karlshorst

Welcome to our doctor’s office in Karlshorst.We will provide you with general medical care in our practice rooms.
The doctor’s practice is characterized by comprehensive care and a holistic health concept. You can expect high-quality medical care and individual attention. We offer you a wide range of medical services including specialized treatments.

Performance overview

HI26’s general medical benefits overview includes an extensive range of offerings aimed at promoting health, well-being and quality of life


Medical advice and examinations

Comprehensive diagnostic procedures and medical consultations for chronic and acute illnesses, basic psychosomatic care


Preventative healthcare

We offer all common vaccinations, early detection examinations and skin cancer screening


Medical technology

ECG, lung function, ergometry, long-term ECG, arteriography, long-term blood pressure measurement, abdominal sonography, cardiorespiratory polygraphy, bioimpedance analysis


Additional Services

Your health is important to us, which is why we would like to draw your attention to additional services:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Disease management programs (DMP): CHD, diabetes mellitus type II, COPD, bronchial asthma
  • Video consultations

What can we do for you? - Feel free to contact us!

Do you want a service that you can’t find here? Please feel free to contact us using our contact form in the online reception or speak to us personally.